This volume contains Betty Milan’s plays. One of them was performed by Nathália Timberg throughout Brazil and two others were presented as dramatized readings by Zé Celso in the city of São Paulo.

The author’s work as a playwright began with the monologue Paixão, adapted from her essay So What Is Love? After this came two other adaptations of her own novels: A paixão de Lia and O amante brasileiro. These three monologues comprise the author’s lyrical works.

Her first work of drama was Brasileira de Paris, which was the first play she wrote directly for the stage. This was followed by Adeus Doutor, performed as a reading at the Théâtre du Rondpoint, in Paris.

Betty Milan also wrote a play for Teatro Didático, dramatizing texts from Consultório Sentimental, her column in Veja magazine, which deals with the education that has become imperative after the sexual revolution. It is called A vida é um teatro and has proven particularly popular among younger audiences for its quick, good-humored, profound analysis of the prevalent sentiments in contemporary society.