Betty Milan has been a noted presence in the print media since the 1960s when, still a young M.D., she did not hesitate to seek out the public forum to expound her ideas and inquiries in the areas of her training and interest: psychiatry, psychoanalysis, behavior, popular culture, ethno-psychoanalysis…

Throughout the years, her work in newspapers and magazines intensified, resulting in several works published in book form. Among these, A força da palavra and O século are collections of interviews – which she explores as a particular genre of her creative production – and Isso é o país, a selection of articles now completely reformulated, with significantly expanded content, in which she deals with questions of identity, culture, and society. The three works appear under the BOOKS heading in the Menu, with their respective histories and critical reception. The same applies to the book O saber do inconsciente [What the Unconscious Knows], which the author merged with other works in the Trilogia psi, available on this site in the Selected Works section.

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*Unpublished includes articles that were never published in periodicals some of which later came to be part of new versions of previously published books but are not yet in print, while others may become part of future collections by the author.

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